Team tournament

1. The team tournament will be played on 30 December 2021.
2. The tournament will be played in the venues In de Biessen, Rumpen and Palemig from 09:00h till 18:00h.
3. The tournament will be played in all age categories. If the number of entries in an age category is too low, less than 3
teams, these entries will be transferred to the next higher age category.
4. Each team shall have a minimum of 2 boys and 2 girls. Only complete teams will be accepted. If a substitute player is
required, the team remains responsible for this. For other possibilities see art 12 of this regulations.
5. A team match consists of the following 5 events: 1 men’s singles, 1 women’s singles, 1 men’s doubles, 1 women’s
doubles and 1 mixed doubles.
6. The player who plays singles in a team match is not allowed to play mixed doubles in this match.
7. Matches will be played according to the 1 game to 30-rally point system with change of sides and 1 minute break at 15.
8. The team line-up needs to be reported to match control 30 minutes in advance of the particular match.
9. The teams have to provide their own shuttles, which have to be approved by the Badminton Nederland.
10. Registration for the team tournament is possible till December 1 by filling out the registration form. Changes in the
team composition are allowed till December 28.
11. There is a possibillity for incomplete teams (a boy or a girl is missing) to participate in the team event. Only in that case,
it’s an organisers decision, players can play the single match immediately after the mixed double. In that case, no rest
time between both matches will be allowed!! The not played match (MD or WD) will be lost with two times 21-0.
12. The entry fee is € 60,00 per team.
13. Entries will be accepted according to the following order: National teams > County teams > Regional teams > Other
14. A maximum of 250 matches per venue will be accepted.