Double Tournament

1. The doubles tournament will be played on December 29.
2. The tournament will be played in venue Rumpen from 10:00h till 16:00h.
3. The tournament is open for those players who don’t qualify for the semi finals of the individual tournament.
4. The tournament will be played in all age categories; it’s only allowed to participate in 1 age category.
5. Only men’s and women’s doubles will be played.
6. The first round will be played in groups; the following rounds according to the knock-out system.
7. Matches will be played according to the 1 game to 30-rally point system with change of sides and 1 minute break at
8. 2 shuttles will be provided by the tournament organisation for each match.
9. The entry fee is € 11,00 per player.
10. A minimum of eight couples is required for an event to be played. Combinations of age groups are possible, also
combinations groups with girls and boys are possible, it’s an organisers decision to do so.
11. Entry is possible at the match control of every venue untill the end of the first day of the individual tournament.
12. The draw will take place on December 28 at 23:00h or later if necessary.
13. First and second prizes will be available for each really played event.